It’s going to be ‘Off-Piste’ on September 23rd and 24th at District 55! 🎉

It’s finally the eagerly awaited return of the Off-Piste Challenge in person! Whether with family or friends, it’s the weekend of the year you absolutely cannot miss in District 55!

“Our vision for District 55 is to make it a truly sustainable community. And among my wildest dreams, organizing a family-friendly gathering in District 55 was a key element in continuing to build our community. When Francis-Olivier Jutras presented his project to me, I knew it was the perfect party for our neighborhood with its innovative and accessible nature!” exclaimed Nellie Robin, President of the Groupe Robin. “I am proud to offer athletes and enthusiasts a completely off-piste weekend at the Adrenaline Urbaine Center, featuring unique facilities in Canada!” added Francis-Olivier Jutras, founder of Adrenaline Urbaine.

Now is the time to enjoy a unique and free experience with family and friends, brought to you by District 55 of Trois-Rivières. The event features performances by professional and amateur athletes in eight different action sports: skateboarding, snowboarding, snowskating, skiing, scootering, biking, and obstacle courses. Several introductory activities will also be available for a minimal cost of $10!

Saturday, September 23rd, will be primarily dedicated to professional competitions, while Sunday, September 24th, will feature amateur competitions and free and paid introductory activities for the whole family.

This festive weekend presents a golden opportunity to meet exhibitors, athletes, and muralist artists in action, coming from all corners of Quebec. During Saturday evening, thanks to a collaboration with the iF3 Festival, participants can enjoy international film screenings featuring skiing and snowboarding.

To liven up the residential area of District 55, the Groupe Robin will also hold open houses on Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. “Take this opportunity to come visit our new homes! It’s going to be an extraordinary festive weekend ‘Off-Piste’ on September 23rd and 24th at the Adrenaline Urbaine Center in District 55!” added Nellie Robin



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