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A prime location for your business

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A prime location for your business. Now is the time to book your best location!

Amazing new commercial buildings in new living space!

The D55 commercial zone offers you several advantages such as proximity to the residential sector, new premises to be fitted out to your liking that can accommodate all types of projects and high traffic thanks to its strategic location.The area intended for shops offers several advantages to customers: easy access to the heart of everything, practical parking spaces, vitality, and diversity.

Strategic advantages

  • Opposite Videotron Trois-Rivières Coliseum 5,500 seats
  • Near road arteries
  • 2500 residential doors in development
  • New building
  • Mixed commercial spaces
    Endless possibilities to rent now!

  • Restaurants
  • Bars and bistros
  • grocery stores
  • Various shops
  • Spaces for professionals
  • Care center
  • Selling products
  • Services
  • Health care
  • Equipment
  • Fashion
  • and more!
    Developing your business dream in District 55 is possible!

    District 55 is a dynamic residential, commercial, cultural, corporate and urban living space. Bringing together several thousand consumers, the residential district represents an interesting critical mass for businesses. Infinite possibilities are available to entrepreneurs who wish to develop new concepts: restaurants, bars and bistros, various shops, spaces for professionals, health center, sale of products, services, health care, equipment and more!

    The District 55 team offers all the support necessary to accompany entrepreneurs in this great adventure and develop their dream. Now is the perfect time to book the best location in District 55!


    Who doesn’t dream of going shopping on foot or by bike and finding everything in one place? Neighborhood shops will offer this great opportunity in addition to meeting several essential needs.

    For local residents, this commercial artery represents several advantages. It contributes to the development and attractiveness of the neighborhood, more specifically to its quality of life, its dynamism and its security, bringing people together.

    The first commercial phase is visible from Highway 55 and accessible via District Boulevard. We already find the Coliseum there, with its 5,500 seats, which will certainly bring considerable traffic. In addition, this area also includes a hotel, a brand new sports and action center unique in Quebec, a furniture and sports store, services, and a daycare centre. And it’s not finished! Soon, companies in the fields of entertainment and catering as well as a whole variety of businesses will come to improve the offer of the district.

    This commercial area will be constantly buzzing and customers and residents alike will enjoy living, eating, shopping, entertainment and working just steps from home.

    Are you an entrepreneur? Are you interested in leasing commercial space or would you like to own a commercial space in District 55?

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