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The review of its District 55 master plan, to propose a living environment adapted to the new realities of its future clients


Trois-Rivières, October 13, 2021 – Groupe Robin announces the review of its District 55 master plan, to propose a living environment adapted to the new realities of its future clients. This deliberation was undertaken together with municipal stakeholders, taking into account changes in the economy and health that have occurred over the last year.

A living environment that promotes well-being

District 55 launched in 2015 and continues to welcome a variety of projects and businesses that contribute to the city of Trois-Rivières’ growth. Strategically located at the city’s entrance, the development already benefits from the presence of major roadways, schools, sports infrastructure and stores, as well as being connected to the network of municipal bicycle paths. The review of the master plan enhances the area by planning the creation of many parks and green spaces that will become extensions of current and future residents’ homes. The plan that will take shape as construction of the new residential units and buildings in the commercial areas proceeds proposes a central park between eastern and western residential areas. The central park’s 50-metre width will include a public gathering space along the length of rue Lucien-Laferté, providing a variety of spaces to meet the needs of all users, and creating gathering spaces. Here, among other features, users will find: play areas for children, spaces to rest and relax, a splash pad, spaces dedicated to physical activity, and a space for urban agriculture. Ultimately, more than 30% of residences will be adjacent to a park.

An active link will cut across the park, and connect to all other active links in the area. The park and its links will become the neighbourhood’s backbone, and drive active mobility. The streets have also been planned to reduce their environmental impact. The main street, the District’s boulevard, will be designed, from the very beginning, more like a park within which car traffic can circulate. The middle of the boulevard will be greened with the planting of trees, shrubs, and flowers. Sidewalks will line the boulevard.

The residential sector will continue to expand, providing a wide range of housing types to match future occupants’ expectations, whether their roots are in Trois-Rivières, or they have adopted the city as their own, whatever their stage of life.

The Les Rikikis educational daycare centre is taking this opportunity to announce the addition of 80 new spots, doubling the current capacity. “This is great news for all the families in the area! I’d like to thank Marina Lira-Bellorin, co-owner, for her confidence in us.” acknowledged Nellie Robin.

“Since its inception, the idea behind District 55 has been to offer citizens everything they need to live, eat, shop, work and be entertained, all within walking distance of home.” noted Nellie Robin, Groupe Robin’s president. “I’m especially proud to put forward a project that brings people of all generations together and offers them safe spaces to relax and be active while building their sense of their belonging to a community!”

A positive influence on the region’s economic growth

Thanks to the new Colisée Vidéotron [Videotron coliseum], the hockey team, and the Adrénaline Urbaine fitness centre, a unique concept in Canada, the range of entertainment offerings energizes life in District 55, which is positioning itself as a prime destination with a strong influx of residents. “Besides supporting our growth over the long-term, we’re contributing in a positive way to the region’s economic growth: we’re looking to offer our clients an unforgettable experience.” said Nellie Robin.

In particular, this influx explains the imminent construction of a commercial building with space for restaurants and professional services situated across from the Coliseum. Groupe Robin is also announcing the construction of a second hotel containing 120 to 140 rooms intended for long-stay customers. The compagny chosen for this 4th hotel operated by Groupe Robin will be revealed shortly. “Despite the slowdown in the hotel sector since the beginning of the pandemic, the market in Trois-Rivières remains a booming one! With the opening of the Coliseum and the growing demand from long-stay customers, the key factors came together for the enhancement of the hotel offering in the District!” indicated Nellie Robin.

About Groupe Robin

For close to 50 years, the company has carried out numerous large-scale projects as a developer, builder and property manager throughout the province of Quebec. Committed to the success of its projects, the family business has built several hundred residences and condominiums and manages its real estate portfolio: residential, commercial, hotel and retirement residences with services.

The head office and its entities have more than 175 employees to date. Showing a strong environmental awareness, the Groupe Robin demonstrates ingenuity and avant-garde in the realization of its projects, earning it several nominations and awards of excellence over the years.

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